virtual tour experiences

Build an Affinity with students before they step foot on campus

accessible to any student, anywhere

When students begin to consider their college career, the first thing they do is research online.

Connects students to admissions

Our tours provide multiple channels for open communication between students and admin.

understand your prospective students

Collect demographic and tour data to see who's exploring your campus - and why.

more engaging than traditional multimedia

Interactive tours are 3-4 times more engaging than basic video marketing.
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"[...] more than 50% of international Stealth applicants who enrolled indicated that they used the university website exclusively before applying."

what's included in the tour experience

high-quality, 3d images

We capture 4K panoramic views of your campus that create a high-quality, digital environment.

Interactive Content

Anything that could be included on a website can also be included in a virtual tour to provide an added level of interactivity.

data collection

You'll have 24/7 access to your campus portal to gain insight into view demographics and information.

Ongoing support

Our team is available to assist in marketing implementation of your campus tour.
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"The University of Missouri worked with Captvr3d to create a virtual tour of the new Griggs Innovators Nexus at Mizzou. Our purpose was two-fold. We wanted to show future students the physical space available to them in a format that was innovative and relevant. We also wanted to do it in the same manner they consume other media. Additionally, we wanted to demonstrate the impact of what we created for our sponsors and donors. Captvr3d was great to work with. They provided significant input about what the possibilities were of the technology they had available. We have had great feedback from our stakeholders about our virtual tour!"

-Dr. Greg Bier, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

the process of capturing your campus in 3d

Step 1

Schedule a consultation with our team to asses your campus needs.

Step 2

We'll put together a pricing package based on your requirements.

step 3

Once you're ready to move forward, we'll schedule dates to capture your campus.

step 4

Our team takes all of the photography we captured to edit and add interactivity.

step 5

We publish the tour for you to share on any digital platform, including your website and social media.

step 6

We maintain your virtual tour and keep your client portal updated for you to track data.
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